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Insect zapper

Insect zapper

Insect zapper

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While you are having fun outdoors, many insects get to enjoy a good meal. Either they're eating your food, your plants or they're eating you. 😫 To clear your yard, garden, balcony, patio or any room of these insects, we suggest using the INSECT ⚡ZAPPER!

Formally known as the electronic insect-control system, our insect zapper attracts bugs by emitting ultraviolet light and electrocutes them instantly. (Tough world, but it’s the survival of the fittest!)

Simply plug it in a socket. You can either place it on a surface or hang it! The next day, unscrew the bottom lid and swipe off the insects that couldn't make it the night before. (Refer to product detail photos) 

Fun fact: The first bug zapper was patented in 1934 by William F. Folmer and Harrison L. Chapin.

⚡1000V High Voltage (protected)

⚡Height: 11.10" / 28.2cm

⚡Width: 5.39" / 13.7cm

⚡Includes cleaning brush

⚡ Non-toxic

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